13. lokakuuta 2010

Et je me suis retrouvée avec du foutre sur la face..

Thomas asked me to come help him modeling for his art project, so I went! The subject was about chaos and his slutty characters or something! It was nice (making of a bukkake picture : epic fun) and the pictures turned out good! yayay

The make up looked absolutely freaky in real life... On the way home some hobo mistook me for a transsexual......................... great.

Otherwise I've been busy with partying, jell-o shots, hitting strangers with my shoe on the streets, went to see kaboom, and had alot of school work to do since I had been sick.
When I'm tired, doing school work becomes hysterical fun haha.
But I have none due for tomorrow, so I'm just waiting for an appropriate time to go to sleep ♥ ohyea.

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